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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 12, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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silicon valley. >> having government come into the seat of innovation in the u.s. shows you that we're ready to innovate. we are toward get serious about this. >> with recent breaches in anthem and home depot, intel security which will also meet with the president says security is the big issue of the modern era. >> it is time to have a very open dialogue about what does it mean to be safe in a digital economy. we can't add on security after things are built and done. we can't add on legislation to old-fashioned bills. >> ready to meet the president to talk shop. >> kicking off at stanford university at 9:00 a.m. coming up tonight at 6:00 how our smart phones are likely to play a key role. >> thank you, scott. we have more details on the president's visit after visiting
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stanford. he will have a private fund-raising fund-raising. the president will leave the bay area for palm springs. >> big changes coming to an upscale san jose neighborhood. a new look for willow glenn beginning next month. main road is going on a diet so to speak. lincoln avenue reduced from four lanes to two lanes between minnesota and coe. michelle roberts is there. michelle this is a popular part of town. why the change and what's the reaction? >> many people think that this just is not safe enough for pedestrians to cross the street at rush hour. push the button grab one of these. looks like everybody is stopping right now. but some say this is not safe enough and more needs to be done. >> lincoln avenue in san jose's
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willow glenn is where people come to enjoy food and friend. but it is also a busy thoroughfare connecting south san jose with downtown. >> i think it is 25 on lincoln and i don't think too many people go up 25. >> there are lighted cross walks but many admit it is not easy to see pedestrians. >> i try to be that overparanoid parent. >> it is called the road diet slimming down from four lanes to two and adding bike lanes in each direction. >> the curb stays the same. we are just doing the middle of the road and placing paint in a different direction. >> the $40,000 price tag will cover the test run from march to may. >> during the trial, we will be testing or measuring speed and volume on 45 surrounding streets. >> many pedestrians tell us changes are needed. >> pretty scary. >> while drivers say they are
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prepping for huge backups on inkon avenue and other surrounding roads. >> i think it is waste of money and time. >> if there is a strong negative response, the city may tweak the plan or scratch it all together and leave the road the way it is. there is another meeting tonight at willow elementary at 6:30. >> we have new details tonight on the mystery goo. you might remember the unknown substance sickened and killed hundreds of sea birds in the san francisco bay last month. at first it was only clear what the material wasn't. it wasn't petroleum oil. but weeks of lab tests show the test is a mixture of fats and oils, the kind from seeds. there are eight labs nationwide working on this investigation. >> talk about our weather now. feels like june right, in the middle of february. this is ocean beach. looks inviting.
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if you do venture to the coast this holiday weekend, beware. equally beautiful in santa cruz. this is our underground camera. dangerous conditions at many of the local beaches. jeff raenernieri is with us tracking temperatures. jeff? >> it is all happening because of high pressure sitting right on top of california. and that's going to give us near 80-degree heat again for tomorrow and likely as we head throughout this weekend. as we head throughout friday these spots will likely get close to records. napa with 79. also possibly a record in san rafael and temperatures going up into mid 70s. likely 70s at beaches. you will want to head out close to that water but be forwarned.
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we are talking about rip current an possibly very high waves. right now the buoy report has waves as high as 9 feet. we are tracking more on the forecast. if there is any hope of any kind of rain fall in about 15 minutes. >> okay, jeff see you shortly. >> now if you want to track the temperatures yourself, download our app from nbc bay area. that app is free for iphone and android users. it is a question many new parents face soon after your baby is born. do you want to bank your baby's umbilical cord? if so, are you getting what you paid for? >> cord blood contains valuable stem cells that can be used to treat certain diseases. some parents are paying $2,000 to bank that blood for their kids. but we have learned the industry has a lot less oversight than you might think. unlike restaurants or nail salons there is no law that
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says how often private cord blood banks must be inspected. there are 310 in the u.s. fda inspection average of 10% of those each year. we have reports for facilities nationwide that showed unsanitary conditions including at a bank here in california that went out of business leaving parents panicked about what happened to their children's cord blood. >> it is heart breaking because today we still don't know if it is really truly viable. and that i feel every child's cord blood in that tank, i feel is a victim. >> tonight, more from that mother and what happened when she needed her son's cord blood. plus the questions all parents should ask before paying a penny to store their baby's blood. we investigate tonight at 11:00. >> vickie, see you tonight at 11:00. if you have any questions, call us on our tip line. or e-mail us directly. >> today, the u.s. senate
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overwhelmingly approved president obama's pick to be the secretary of defense. 93-5 wsh ashton carter was confirmed. carter is a physicist. he is replacing chuck hagel who abruptly resigned last november after less than two years as defense secretary. after a year of deadly fighting a sees firecease-fire is reached between ukraine and russia. it calls for russia to pull out all troops from ukraine. prisoners captured will receive amnesty but with three days before the cease-fire begins heavy fire reportedly still taking place. tonight on nightly news a serious questions remain about whether russian president putin will honor the cease-fire. that is coming up at 5:30. >> still ahead at 5:00, scuffle at a muni stop and the suspect
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was caught on camera. what he is accused of doing with an officer that tracked him down. also. >> i'm jodi hernandez in petaluma where the slow down is causing some big problems for some bay area businesses. i'll have a live report coming up. >> six years ago alone and knowing no english, what he has accomplished sense earns him a hero award. >> and then at 6:00 joyous farewell for one of the most powerful men of the state. but as critics are crashing the party. >> truly an embarrassment to the city of california. >> a send-off he will never forget, new at 6:00.
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>> the family of a young man killed by san jose police believe that's what happened last night. relatives tell us they suspect 23-year-old phillip watkinss wanted officers to kill him outside of his fiance's home outside spartan stadium. he made the 911 call. his future mother-in-law called the suicide hot line. she didn't know he had a knife but when police came toward him, they were forced to fire. tearful relatives asked him not to shoot. >> he was on his way to becoming a policeman. how ironic, right? >> watkinss was engaged and former student for deanza college. he also worked at wal-mart to help support his 3-year-old daughter. >> the port of oakland where operations are nearly at a stand still tonight.
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that's because of a labor dispute that's been going on for months. it is up and down the coast, including in seattle. this costs an estimated $2 billion a day. jodi hernandez is live if petaluma with how this slow down is taking a toll on bay area businesses. jodi? >> that's right, janelle. a lot of people rely on the for the make their living. tonight a well known ice cream company based here in the north bay is among those that are suffering from the port slow down. >> everybody needs delicious organic ice cream. >> but soon, overseas fans of three twins ice cream may not be able to get their fix. 40,000 pints of the petaluma dessert slated to slip to korea can't get there because of the west coast port slow down. >> having inventory stuck there, having a port for all intents and purposes shut down. really affects our business. threatens the cash flow. and that long-term relationship.
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>> there is affecting the economy, please bring it back. >> with vessel operations suspended for the holiday weekend, he couldn't pick up cargo at port of oakland yet again. >> no work we cannot have containers out of the port so we don't make no money. we bring no money to hourses. >> for folk at three twins, their first step into the global market at risk. they're frustrated. >> angry. you can't help but feel powerless and wonder why they can't come together and reach an agreement. it benefits everybody. instead there are a lot of people suffering because of it. >> now the folk at three twins are hoping that the port slow down will end soon. so that they can yet ship out their ice cream orders to south korea but so far there is no sign that the slow down is near ending. reporting live in pat looemetaluma,
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i'm jodi hernandez nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. there are stories from the bay area of people who have come from very little and made a success in their life. >> few do it as quickly as one young man in richland. but even on the way up he looks back. >> javier reyes was born in the bay area but his family moved to mexico when he was very young. he returned at age 17 knowing no english. he came with the idea to make enough money to pay for his sister's quiencera. >> the city of richmond is a tough place for young people to find success. but it is no different than anywhere else really. the right person given the right opportunity can raily bloom here. >> i say, you know i think we
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should start taking out all the weeds. >> javier is a great example of that. javier last summer at just 22 years old was offered the job of project coordinator for ground work richmond a nonprofit working to beautify the city. he wasn't sure at the time they were serious. >> i thought they were joking or something. >> they weren't. >> everybody loves him. he is so enthusiastic in everything he does and how he approaches life. >> it is even more impressive considering that javier returned to the united states by himself just six years ago. now a civil engineering student, javier worked three jobs to support himself in high school. even managing to tutor others in math before he had even learned english. it felt good to help, javier said. >> i think you are happy when you help others. that makes you feel really,
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really good. >> and right now, javier wants to help his hometown. with ground work javier is concentrating on richmond's green way. a bike and walking path that cuts through richmond, but doesn't necessarily connect it. javier would like to see that change with plantings and parks, trees and trash pick-up, he wants to give back to a community that he says has given him a lot. >> i want to know that what i'm doing for the city, i wanted to know that i'm helping. >> now we heard about javier because he was awarded the bay nature institutes 2015 one of their local hero awards for his work on the environment and community this year. as can you see, so young, so driven and so determined, he will go on. he wants to have a civil engineering degree form his own company and form a foundation to bring good jobs back to richmond. >> sounds great. >> keep us posted on his
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progress. >> will do. >> now to continuing coverage of the measles outbreak. with the number of cases expanding in the bay area doctors are talking with parents about a new possible new suggestion for bet are protecting their children. vaccinating your babies before they are a year old. nbc bay area is live in san ramon where some families are wondering if it can happen sooner. christie? >> as some outbreak spreads, there is real concern in the bay area where parents choose not to vaccinate their children. we spoke with one east bay pediatrician who say some parents have been asking about the measles mumps rubella vaccination for babies, at nine months before the standard of 12 months. yesterday the health department said an infected person took part. if you are vaccinated you shouldn't worry about getting the virus. when it comes to early vaccination, she considers them
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on a case by case basis. >> what i told families is that i would not recommend you do it when we don't have a case in our county. but now we have a case in our county. i feel obligated to entertain that. if that is something that my patients are wanting and concerned about then yeah absolutely i will have a conversation with them about it and decide if it is right for them to do that. >> she said they do use public health recommendations as framework. there is an important note for everyone vaccinated at nine months. that would be that they would need two more shots before age four to six, as opposed to the the single final booster p. chris if i smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> want to take you out live to sfo. take a look. air force one just arrived in san francisco a few minutes ago. president obama coming into town. this is 20th official bay area visit. since taking over in the oval office. two big items on his agenda for the next 24 36 hours.
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he will deliver the keynote speech of tomorrow's cybersecurity connen from at stanford. then a private fund-raising dinner tomorrow night at the san francisco home of investment banker sandy robertson. president obama arriving at sfo as we speak. >> beautiful weather for the president. i'm sure jeff ranieri planned it all. >> it will feel like vacation when he gets off the plane. we usually don't see these temperatures until may. unreal. okay. let's get a look outside the sky camera network. clear skies throughout the bay. really one of the most beautiful spots is coming in from our weather underground camera in belvedere across the north bay and you can see unlimited amount here of blue sky stretching across the north bay.
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as we head throughout tomorrow morning's forecast they do think it is probably one of the clearest mornings we have had in a morning. east bay peninsula and south bay temperatures in upper 40s and also low 50s. now, here is the deal with the weather. right now it looks like we are not going to see any chance of rain for at least seven days maybe 14 days. and all because of high pressure sitting on top of california. that's going to act as big shield keeping any kind of storm system away and also keeping that mile there right here across the state. let's take you into the forecast as we head through friday. look at least if we can't get rain fall we might as well enjoy temperatures. check it out in san jose. 15 degrees above average. 77 degrees. palo alto 77. other thing are dry off-shore winds. even pacific to 76. san francisco expecting upper 60s and also low to mid 70s. warmest in downtown with 75 degrees. for north bay east bay and
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tri-valley nearing 80 degrees tomorrow, that's one of the warmest. for tri-valley, livermoore having a harder time warming up. the valley still comfortable at 70 degrees. to the weather trend over the next couple of days no rain fall expected for at left the next seven days. warmest day of the week coming on saturday. by sunday cooling off. comfortable and you can see low to mid 70s expected for monday and tuesday. through the weekend, we still have beach weather on tap. let's check out that beach forecast. just be cautious of the dangerous ways and also rip currents as we head throughout friday. bodega bay and santa cruz 76. santa cruz and half moon bay are your bay area beaches to head out to. maybe grab the golf clubs. pebble beach. sunny skies and 80s on saturday and sunday. can't good wrong with the forecast. i'm just confused when it comes
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he is accused of knocking a san francisco police officer off a mu nini in the street. he ran from officers conducting an investigation near the corner of king and fourth streets. he shoved an officer who was injured but not seriously. >> facebook wants to you live on even after you die. face book announcing today it will let its billion users designate what they call a legacy contact. that means someone who will manage your facebook kpt when you pass away. can you do this through your security settings right there on your facebook profile page. you can also opt to have your page deleted after die. >> update on president obama, he touched down from air force 1. you can see him greeting everybody at sfo. getting off the plane, greeted by san francisco mayor ed lee. on the back there you see congresswoman as well as
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congressman flalwell. a junior congressman representing the east bay. they will have a conference tomorrow at stanford university and private fund-raising dinner for the democratic national committee tomorrow night before he leaves sfo for palm springs on saturday. again, president obama just getting off air force 1, sfo. we have crews there. we will cover the president's entire trip for 36 years, here on nbc bay area. >> we're back in a moment. stay with us. in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works.
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it's going to be big. "saturday night live's" 40th anniversary special is just days way. and it is miking lauren michaels miserable. he called the job a nightmare. but today he told matt lauer thing are coming together. >> i'm a serious guy but also nothing makes me happier, steve martin called me and was going over jokes of the monologue. i was so happy, laughing. because you've got -- you get lost in detail. then you go oh, right, that's the reason we're all here. >> the "snl" 40th anniversary special airs this sunday not saturday, at 8:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area. >> okay. continuing coverage of president obama touching down at sfo a few minutes ago. now some photo ops. chatting there on the tarmac of sfo for the last several minutes. he came there. you see mayor ed lee near the
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limo. now heading to san francisco. then tomorrow on to the stanford campus. >> thanks for joining us. see you back here at 6:00. roadcast tonight, frostbite. on the heels of record snowfall, the coldest temperatures of the season are on the way from the midwest to the east into the deep south. and now a blizzard watch is on for the hardest hit. back from the brink. a deal to end the killing in ukraine, but serious questions remain over whether vladimir putin will actually honor his end of it. caught on camera. police open fire on a along a busy street for allegedly throwing rocks. now the outrage. and fight of his life. tony dorsett living with traumatic brain injury which he says came from hits he took on the field. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news."


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